Campfire Audio

Polaris II

Regular price $499

This is an all new Polaris. The only thing that remains from the past is hybrid design and the striking blue finish.

Spacious highs and mids open up over top of rich and impactful bass. Polaris boasts a bombastic sound ideal for modern music. It delivers a listening experience that is simultaneously warm, natural, and detailed. This combination invites a serious listen. 

Polaris features 2 unique proprietary acoustic technologies; Campfire Audio's T.A.E.C.™ and their Polarity Tuned Chamber™. This allows them to tune and design for each driver to ensure maximum sonic efficiency while maintaining cohesive presentation.

Their Polarity Tuned Chamber™ combines with a 9.2mm dynamic driver and does the heavy lifting while their T.A.E.C.™ paired with a balanced armature to present classic Campfire Audio sparkle.

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