Sweet Dreams

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Our luxurious 02 Night Cream is perfect for nighttime use, thanks to long-lasting hydrating effects (clinical trials have proved that just one application works its moisturising magic on the skin for up to eight hours!). This rich, buttery moisturiser is packed full of natural ingredients that work in harmony to nourish and soften the skin while you’re dreaming away. Make this replenishing formula part of your bedtime rituals to enrich the skin and create an atmosphere of peace and serenity; take a deep breath and let the relaxing aromas of fragrant frankincense help you drift off. Come morning, you’ll be feeling refreshed and looking radiant.

We’ve carefully formulated our 07 Face Wash to be both clarifying and moisturising, using naturally exfoliating pomegranate instead of man-made plastics. With a gently foaming texture, the 07 leaves skin feeling purified, refined and hydrated, while being gentle enough to take care of sensitive skin. The uplifting citrus scent is perfect for awakening the senses in the morning, and cleansing your mind of the day’s troubles at night

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